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Pizza Ramen Lasagna

For the Sloppy Mass

  • 1 Pack Instant Ramen
  • 1 Cup Flavored Tomato Sauce
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Italian Seasoning

The next Tribute is inspired by MetalJesusRocks and DrunkenMasterPaul with their Ramen Lasagna Episode of Gamer EATS.

So start by get an ovenproof dish and add an pack of Instant Ramen. Pour over some flavored Tomato Sauce with or without meat. Sprinkle over some Shredded Cheese and Sliced Pepperoni.

In the Video we used the Tomato Sauce from our Pizza Recipe. And a Cheese Blend with Emmental and Gouda Cheese.

Broil them at high heat until the Cheese is melted and lightly crisp. The Cheese shouldn’t be too crisp because its hard to eat and you could pull the cheese apart in one piece.

Enjoy and Take Care!

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