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Peynirli Poğaça – Feta Buns

For the Dough

  • 500g All-Purpose Flour
  • 7g Instand Yeast
  • 10g Salt
  • 20g Olive Oil
  • 280g lukewarm water
  • Sesame Seeds for Topping
For the Feta Mix

  • 200g Feta
  • 1tbsp Oregano
  • 1tbsp Parsley
  • Optional:
  • Chopped Olives

Here comes the next fast and easy recipe. Peynirli Poğaça. Turkish style Feta stuffed buns.
Super soft buns filled with a herby feta mix.

1. Knead all dough ingredients to a smooth ball and let it rise until doubled.
2. Crumble the feta into a bowl and mix in oregano and parsley. Add chopped Olives if you want.
3. After the dough has doubled. Divide it into even pieces. We used about 50 grams per piece.
4. Slightly flatten out the pieces and fill with the feta mix. Seal tight.
5. Place on a lined baking sheet and spray the stuffed buns with water and sprinkle over some sesame seeds.
6. Bake at 200°C/390°F for about 15 minutes or until slightly golden.
7. Let them cool for a bit before eating.

Some recipes use a sweeter dough with butter and milk instead of the normal pizza dough. Depending on what you eat them with, you can choose.


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